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We are celebrating 10 years of teamwork!

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Exploring The Project Economy for 10 Years!

PMI Bulgaria Chapter proudly presents the 10th edition of the largest project management conference in Europe. This year we are inspired by the spirit of exploration in each project manager: turning dreams into reality with the fearless determination of pioneers; shining the bright lights of collaboration and teamwork; learning, re-learning and unlearning agility and resilience through hardship: ad astra per aspera!

ad astra per aspera
Central themes for the conference are exploring and expanding leadership, (un)learning and partnership opportunities presented by the Project Economyβ„’ and guided by PMI’s core values and branding symbols which we incorporate as the “True North🧭 in all our initiatives: Vision, Collaboration, Determination, Teamwork, Growth, Outcomes, Innovation, Community and Change. We also wanted to honor the courage, determination and endurance of space explorers, incorporated into our logo as “To The Stars, Through Hardship“. We will be broadcasting through 3 simultaneous live channels, 2 training tracks, 2 partner tracks
  • 🎀 Main Stage: Project Leadership
  • 🎀 Strategy & Innovation
  • 🎀 PMI Chapters Exchange Track
  • 🎀 Kanban Track
  • πŸš€Β Space Track
  • πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Project Academy: Digital & Technical Skills
  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Unlearning Labs: Soft Power Skills
  • 🀝 Partners πŸŽ“ MBA Sessions
  • πŸ”ŽπŸ§‘πŸΎβ€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸΌ Recruiter/Employer Branding Sessions
  • 🏁 Sponsor Sessions & πŸ’» Vendor Demos

Explore Leadership,
Learning & Partnership

Exploring & Expanding Global Opportunities for Leadership, (Un)learning and Partnership

Our motto being “Navigating the Future of Project Economyβ„’: Exploring Global Opportunities for Leadership, (Un)learning and Partnership“, we invite πŸ’―s of international speakers, thought leaders, veteran practitioners, trainers and coaches to deliverΒ πŸ’―s of keynotes, trainings, workshops, panel discussions, product demos and company presentations; πŸ’―s of PMI local chapters, partners, sponsors, software vendors, training providers, recruiters, universities, MBA programs to participate as exhibitors to in our Virtual Summit which will be held online in a virtual fair format.
The Project Economyβ„’ Dream
We believe that Project Managers are pioneers that explore a sustainable future of work: we aspire, inspire and transpire towards a happy society by making dreams a reality. We achieve this by: 1) active participation and partnership at all levels of the society, 2) by empowering individuals through professional development and emotional intelligence, 3) by enabling organizations to manage and deliver better, 4) by creating and sharing local and global opportunities for leadership, (un)learning and partnership.
Fearless Leadership
We are constantly challenged by The Four Horsemen of Chaos: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. As changing plans and assumptions are pulling the carpet from under Project Managers, adaptive decisions have to be made dynamically to steer the ship away from the rocks of reality. More and more, critical paths of projects are remapped and new unchartered territories are appearing on the horizon. We believe leadership skills are the highest form of art every Project Manager must develop to be able to navigate into the future of the Project Economyβ„’.
Bright Collaboration
The Project Economyβ„’ became a thing just when new galaxies. nebulas and exoplanets were discovered in the sky above us. The true North Star of the navigating project managers is Polaris for now, but it will be Vega in 8,000 years. In the global dark economy of Black Swans, we know that we cannot shine alone as we are always part of multi-stakeholder constellations in the project ecosystem, and we must rely on our peer-to-peer networks to shine brighter as we collaboratively work through hardships where only a collective effort can help the starship crew reach for the brightest stars.

Conference Format: Virtual Fair

  • Branding Center for our financial supporters to showcase their organization and commitment to community
  • Speaker Center for our speakers to showcase their expertise, experience, works in their biography
  • Exhibition Center for exhibiting partners, PMI Chapters, training providers, institutes, coaches, publishing houses, universities…
  • Career Center for recruitment companies, your HR department, internship agencies, career coaches, inclusion NGOs and job-seekers
  • Networking Center for speed networking (there will be VIP sessions exclusively for senior executives)
  • User Forums for dedicated conversations
  • Meetups for those who would like to organize events to meet physically or online
  • On Demand Access: all sessions and recording will be available online for 3 months after the conference

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  • full access + exclusive VIP sessions
  • 3 days 7 tracks
  • 1 workshop
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  • full access to conference sessions
  • 3 days 7 tracks
  • 1 workshop
  • on demand access for 3 months after conference

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  • full access to conference sessions
  • 3 days 7 tracks
  • 1 workshop
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  • 1 workshop
  • on demand access for 3 months after conference

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  • 3 days 7 tracks
  • 1 workshop
  • on demand access for 3 months after conference

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